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The Down Under London to Brighton Run

The first Down Under London to Brighton Run was held on Sunday 6th November 1988 and it comprised 29 veteran cars from the SCC [26] and VSCC [3]. This event had been the idea of Elise and Gordon Gardiner, and was organised by them and a small team from the VSCC for about 10 years until ill health necessitated their withdrawal from the organising team. The event is still organised by a small team of VSCC members, but entries are now accepted from any veteran vehicle owner.

The Run includes London Road, Mile End, and finishes somewhere in Brighton. The Mayors of West Torrens [London] and Holdfast Bay [Brighton] traditionally attend the respective ends of the Run in full Mayoral regalia. Marshals for the event are drawn from VSCC members in their vintage cars. Until 1998 the participants and marshals moved on to the Minda Fair after medal presentation and judging however as that Fair has now been discontinued, the final venue is now determined from year to year.

The Run USUALLY departs London Road, Mile End at 10am on the LAST Sunday in Oct, However, for 2017 we are changing to the FIRST Sunday in October (1/10/17) to coincide with the National Veteran Vehicle Rally being held in and around Clare in the last week of September. This change will enable country and interstate visitors to join our run while they are in our area.

For 2017 all vehicles will first gather at Park 23 (on the northern side of Anzac Highway in the Parklands) where refreshments will be available. At 10am they will travel to London Road for the official start with the Mayor of West Torrens (AKA London), then to Wattle Reserve in Brighton where everyone will be welcomed by the City of Holdfast Bay Mayor (AKA Brighton). There entrants and guests can enjoy a London Bun with tea or coffee.

The vehicles will then travel to The Glenelg Oval where they will remain on display until around 2.30pm while entrants enjoy their lunch (not included in entry fee).

BEST PUBLIC VIEWING: 8:00 -10:00 am Park 23 West Parklands,

10:15 - 10:45am   London Road Mile End,

11:45 - 12:30pm   Wattle Reserve in Brighton

1:00 - 2:30pm       Glenelg Oval carpark on Brighton Road.

Rules for the Down Under London to Brighton

Location.         Start at London Road, Mile End and travel to Brighton.

                        Time.               Held annually on a Sunday usually at the end of October.

Elegibility.      Open to owners of any veteran vehicle, whether Club members or not.

                   (Cars, Motorcycles & Commercial Vehicles)

Car.                 Only Veteran vehicles (all types) may be entered for this event.

Scoring.           The trophy is awarded to the owner of the most popular eligible vehicle as                         determined by person[s] appointed by the organising sub-committee.

Trophy            A trophy is presented by Shannons Corporation Pty. Ltd. annually, and is retained                         by the winning vehicles owner.

Remarks.        1. This event shall be organised by a sub-committee appointed by the VSCC                         Committee.

                        2. VSCC Members are encouraged to participate in this event in their Vintage,                         Post Vintage or Classic vehicle as marshals or assistants.

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Down Under London to Brighton Run




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Down Under London to Brighton Run