Vintage cars of the VSCCSA
post vintage vscc cars
VSCC Classic cars
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veteran cars
post vintage vscc cars
Vintage cars of the VSCCSA
collectible cars of the near future
modern classics
VSCC Classic cars

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Here you will find a collection of images representing a selection of vehicles belonging to club members with a brief description of the vehicle if it has been provided. This should give an indication of the diversity of makes and models and broad ranging interests of our members.

Not all members consent to thier vehicles being depicted in the galleries for various reasons and the club respects thier wishes

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 Gallery of Members vehicles


These vehicles represent the dawn of motoring. Many are not far removed from the horse and buggy era but were at the cutting edge of automotive engineering in their day

Picking up from 1 January 1931 with the Great Depression at its peak, motoring has come of age. Reliable, comfortable and affordable with many recognisable features of todays cars

Post Vintage

Spaning from post WW1 to the end of 1930. Vehicles were comming of age and affordable although still basic by todays standards.


We have included this as a bit of fun. And no we don't have a Bugatti Veyron in the club yet but it shows that desirable and future collectors items are still being made.

Future Collectibles?

Although not eligible for "official" membership status many of our members own vehicles that fall into this category. Any 18 year old would call them "vintage cars" by todays standards

Modern classics

The post WW2 era to the 1960's. Boom times as economies recovered and everyone wanted a car from the very basic to the extreme of luxury and excess.


Members wishing to have their vehicle on these pages please send a photograph and brief description to


Number plates can be blanked if desired and no identifiable information other than name will be included.

If a member wishes complete anonimity, all the caption will read is "vehicle XYZ belonging to club member"

Also If a vehicle depicted has changed hands and no longer in the posession of a club member,

please notify the webmaster via the same email address.