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For outstanding services rendered to the club or any other reason a member may, on the agreement of at least three quarters of all full and joint members present at a general meeting, be elected as an Honorary Life Member with full member priveledges without fees or subscriptions. A minnimum 14 days notice of the proposal must be given to all full and joint members.

The annual subscription entitles members to access all Club activities and facilities, and a copy of the Club's monthly magazine "The Vintage Bulletin".

An extensive reference and general motoring interest library is maintained by the club, and most publications are available for loan by Members at General Meetings.

A restored 1926 Rugby Tourer car is owned by the Club, and is available for approved use by Members.

Motoring events suitable for old cars are held at least monthly.

The Club's clubrooms (which it shares with several other car clubs known as Combined Car Clubs) are at the Glandore Community Centre, Clark Avenue, Glandore, and it meets there at 8.00pm on the last Friday of the month for its General Meetings.

Further information regarding the Club may be obtained from the President or Secretary.
or by mail to The Vintage Sports Car Club of SA Inc., P.O. Box 701, PLYMPTON, S.A. 5037.

 Membership Information

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Joining fee (for all except Joint Members)             

Then per annum:

            Full Member

            Joint Member

            Associate Member


Classes of membership are:-

Membership of the Club is open to the owners and past owners of Vintage Cars, and the present owners of Veteran, Post Vintage, and Classic Cars manufactured before 1960.

Associate Membership is available to those who do not own such cars but nevertheless would like to join the Club.

Provision is also made for Country, Interstate and Overseas Members, and the spouses of Members.

Current fees for membership are (as at 1st Sept 2021)





COUNTRY MEMBER                    


A present owner of an eligible vehicle or the past owner of an eleigible vehicle.

A partner or spouse of a FULL Member.

An enthusiast who is not eligible for full membership.

An enthusiast not resident in the state of South Australia who may be a Full Member.

An enthusiast not resident within 80km of Adelaide CBD who may be a full member.

A visitor may be admitted by the committee as an Honorary member for a period not exceeding 3 months during which time they shall enjoy the privleges of club membership except voting at meetings.